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XENTEX® CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC. is dedicated to providing unsurpassed products, services, and leading edge technology for the global end-use specialty industrial chemical market. The company’s mission is first and foremost demonstrated by its track record in continual innovation, non-complacent interaction, and being consistent throughout its claims and performance.


XENTEX® CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC. laid the foundation for its success in 1981 and has strengthened its position as a leader in the development of safer alternative chemical products for industry and workplace. XENTEX® entered the international arena in 1985, just one year before being awarded the International America Award for its renowned international quality. Since then the company is recognized for its technology, product innovation, and commitment to customers. XENTEX® is also committed to the research and development of products for today’s needs of plants and workplaces with environmental, health and safety concerns.



The company’s products are produced by its three divisions of: Specialty Chemicals, Custom Design Chemicals, and Chemical Equipment.

The Specialty Chemicals Division manufactures the usual XENTEX® products of: acid inhibitors, boiler compounds, cooling tower treatment chemicals, defoamers / antifoams, descalers, emulsion breakers / demulsifiers, fuel and combustion additives, heating / cooling water treatment chemicals, industrial maintenance cleaning chemicals, inhibited acids, soil remediation chemicals, vertralzers, vibratory chemicals, and others.

The Custom Design Chemicals Division works with-and-for the customer to develop new products that provide the required performance, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and environmental, health and safety improvements, otherwise not available on the market.

The Chemical Equipment Division provides the customer with equipment and automation for the effective application of our chemicals; often with regard to issues of environmental, health and safety that relate to confined spaces, or, high pressure and high temperature application of chemicals.




XENTEX® provides scientific and engineering field services in connection with projects conducted directly by the company. No field services are generally offered whenever the customer is served through a distributor or agent.



XENTEX® conducts its day-to-day business with a profound recognition of the company’s obligation to its customers, suppliers, and community. Toward this end, XENTEX® has demonstrated a continuous commitment to its Canadian Standard of Business Integrity (CSBI), as characterized by:

  • Complete customer satisfaction,
  • On time payments to suppliers,
  • Zero rate of workplace injuries and accidents per year,
  • Zero discharge of chemicals to the environment,
  • No violation of local laws and regulations, and
  • Priority in conducting business with those who demonstrate respect for individual rights of all people.

XENTEX® also offers the choice of ISO standards through its off-site manufacturing locations.

Recipient of the America Award
for Renowned International Quality


Customers are reminded that XENTEX® manufactures and sells only its own brand of end-use specialty industrial products under the registered trade mark of XENTEX®. XENTEX® does not carry commodities or other basic products for sale.

Suppliers who can demonstrate a track record of adhering to the CSBI Standard are given priority for procurement by XENTEX®.


®XENTEX is a federally registered trademark of Xentex Chemical Industries Inc.
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