Canadian Standard of Business Integrity (CSBI)TM

In 1981, the board of directors of XENTEX® concluded that there was an urgent need for an industry-wide code of business conduct. One that always produces consistent results. Out of this concern for genuine principles of business conduct, and guided by the fact that "A practical concept must be simple to express and implement", XENTEX® formulated and adhered to a six point set of principles that soon was affectionately named by our customers and suppliers as the Canadian Standard of Business Integrity or CSBITM .

To date, CSBITM continues to be the same, and represents our business conduct through:

- Complete customer satisfaction as measured by a "Yes" or "No" from each customer and verified through ongoing customer feedback,

- On time payments to suppliers; not even one day past due date on supplier’s invoice as verifiable through the accounts payable records,

- Zero rate of workplace injuries and accidents per year. Here, zero means zero number of accidents in workplace per year and not a rounded number,

- Zero discharge of chemicals to the environment which means zero observable, and zero measurable even by today’s available analytical means,

- No violation of local laws and regulations. This means no summary convictions and not being found guilty by any court of law, and

- Priority in conducting business with those who demonstrate respect for individual rights of all people (based on Amnesty International reports and rankings).

At XENTEX® we endeavour to adhere to all six principles as we have from 1981. Since then, we have been rewarded by the success of fulfilling each and every principle. We hope that our efforts will continue to produce successful results. For this, we share our success with our customers, suppliers, and community.


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